"I am starting to have serious questions about this wed site"

i am totally fixated on this paragraph

from this article

'Last month, when 27-year-old Andy Holdeman noticed that the season premiere of the FX comedy “Louie” was just two days away, he did “due diligence” by trying to pound through the first two seasons. The Washington, D.C., resident, a copy editor for daily-deals site LivingSocial, also had another motive: to publicly chronicle his binge on Twitter. But as he chipped away at his 26-episode assignment, he labored to compose funny tweets about the show, based loosely on comedian Louis C.K.'s life. That and other distractions (email, eating) caused him to gloss over the show's “finer points”; missing them was “the worst thing ever.”'

even if our generation had a jonathan swift or some such, i doubt that he or she could produce satire of this acid quality. perfection. 

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