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who will write me a contrarian, glowing review of child of god. i have thirteen dollars for you, hero

The Love of My Life

my ex-girlfriend and my ex-stepdad work together in some bizarre to describe capacity. lord when you made the world you made it strange

sonny, for life

sonny, for life


Emotional Writer Needed For Support Community for Affluent Individuals (SF)

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compensation: $30 per post

contract job
telecommuting okay

Special community for people who have earned a lot of money or been born into a wealthy family needs a blog ghostwriter. The focus of the community is providing psychological support for the problems money brings — family tensions, unfulfillable expectations, boredom, etc. To do this you must be intimately familiar with the problems faced by wealthy people. If you grew up wealthy or through some other means can write detailed blog posts on this topic, please get in touch.

The posts need to be highly personal, emotional and have a strong editorial voice. These are anything but generic lectures. We are looking for 3 posts per week and each post pays $30. If you’re interested, please send a brief cover letter with some suggested topics so we can see that you really can come up with specific topics which touch the hearts of people from affluent families along with some writing samples of your personal, emotionally charged writing. It should all be pasted into the body of the email. We can’t open attachments. Thanks!

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Things I’m Ashamed Of:

  • Threw a turtle really hard into a creek
  • When I first moved to my new school in 1st grade I introduced myself to this girl- it was indoor recess or something and I showed up in the middle of it- by telling her my first and last name and then spelling them.
  • In 8th grade…

what i learned from wikipedia today: in olden times russian letters had mnemonic names drawn from the words they started instead of special names for the letters themselves. like if we called the letter “J” by the name “jagged” instead of “jay.” pushkin said: “The letters constituting the Slavonic alphabet do not produce any sense. Аз, буки, веди, глаголь, добро etc. are separate words, chosen just for their initial sound” scholars tried to organize the words into patterns that would allow students to learn them by easy repetition. they made a little poem or something by futzing with the words a bit. anyway this is the english translation.

"Knowing all these letters renders speech a virtue. Evil lives on Earth eternally, and each person must think of repentance, with speech and word making firm in their mind the faith in Christ and the Kingdom of God. Whisper [the letters] frequently to make them yours by this repetition in order to write and live according to laws of God".

-“russian alphabet,” from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

identical in pronunciation to и, was used exclusively immediately in front of other vowels and the й (“Short I”) (for example, патріархъ [pətrʲɪˈarx], ‘patriarch’) and in the word міръ [mʲir] (‘world’) and its derivatives, to distinguish it from the word миръ [mʲir] (‘peace’) (the two words are actually etymologically cognate[6][7] and not arbitrarily homonyms).[8]

this is missing the best part, when carl weathers turns smartly around the table.
that’s the best part of predator

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sense of a when will the ending come
sense of a this cant be ending soon enough
sense of a my interest in books finally ending
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